Tina McGeary Teacher Incentive Program

To encourage participation in the Inventerprise Contest from students in Grades K-5, we are providing incentives to primary-grade teachers in a way that will help in the classroom. Because budgets for classroom supplies are very tight, the incentives take the form of financial support.

A pool of $2000 has been created that will be divided among all K-5 teachers whose classes have more than 50% class participation. The money will come in the form of a gift certificate to your favorite local office supply or bookstore.

In the happy event that that there are so many qualifying entries that the award would average less than $25, all qualifying teachers will receive a $25 certificate.

In order to participate, please submit the information below by November 14, 2016. The certificates will be mailed by December 9, 2016.

This program is named in memory of Tina McGeary, one of the founders of the Inventerprise Contest. Tina was an unflagging advocate of the work that teachers do for the community.

Please provide the following information in an email to Halley Todd

  • Teacher name
  • Email address
  • School name
  • Grade level taught
  • Class roster with students who participated marked. This helps us get certificates spelled correctly.
  • Your preference of office supply or bookstore